Welcome to Knitting in France

knittinginfrancelogo.pngWelcome to the blog of Knitting in France. Knitting in France is a fibre related one woman company selling hand made stitch markers, hand dyed and hand spun yarns.

Knitting in France was born in March of 2011. I was at a place in my life where I needed to do something that I loved, I needed to develop my career and see if I could make a go of a living as a crafter. And that is how with a lot of passion, a head full of ideas and very shallow pockets I launched Knitting in France. At the beginning I had my own eshop where I specialised in knitting needles of all kinds as well as selling knitting accessories and crochet hooks and some yarn.  I then turned to ETSY where my shop lived for a few years. I have now closed the Etsy shop and am venturing on my own again on a very small scale by selling my yarns here via this website.

My passion for knitting has evolved since I was a little girl in Iceland. Now I live in France (which explains the name of my shop and blog) and I have become, I think, obsessed with knitting and fibre crafts. I LOVE hand dyeing and hand painting yarn. I usually only do small batches so my yarns are all unique and I do not repeat colours so my production is very personalised, very unique.

I have totally fallen in love with spinning and I now spin every day. I have a large stash of hand spun yarns, more than I will ever need and so I have begun selling those as well. Hand spun yarn is truly unique. If you cannot buy 10 skeins for a sweater you can at least buy 1-2 skeins for a truly unique accessory such as a scarf, hat or mittens. I find spinning and knitting with hand spun yarn very rewarding.

Lately I have also begun making stitch markers and needle stoppers and that is great fun. I learn new techniques, shop around the internet for new materials and try out all sorts of things. I personally love fun stitch markers and those are selling quite well in my Etsy shop.

I used to have a blog in French but gave that up and have now decided to start blogging in English as most of my customers come from English speaking countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. I am however considering changing to bilingual (that is writing each post in both English and French) or have a separate page here on the website where I would sum up my blog posts in French.

Here I hope to share my thoughts and crafty adventures with you. Talk about my works in progress, share ideas and techniques and hopefully you will enjoy spending time with me here and will also participate by leaving comments and sharing your life as a crafter with me and the other readers.

Happy crafting to you all!

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